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UniFilter - Air Filters That Work

Circular FilterUniFilters are ideal for use in all automotive applications, including:

  • 4WDs
  • Cars
  • Utes
  • Vans
  • Motorsport
  • Motorcycles
  • Industrial Engines
  • Agricultural Engines

UniFilters use an open cell foam and a special "Filter Fix" filter oil to ensure maximum engine protection. UniFilters give improved engine performance over paper filter elements as they require 40 - 60% less effort to pull the air through the foam filter.

Oval FilterOther major benefits of UniFilters are:

  • Reuseable: A Unifilter can be used time and time again. Their dust retention is far greater than paper filters making them ideal for 4WDs and country vehicles.
  • More Cost Effective: One UniFilter element can be washed out and reoiled many times making it up to 50 times more cost effective than a paper filter.
  • Efficiency: UniFilter allow more airflow which enables your engine to breathe better. They are ideal for dusty conditions.
  • Improved Performance and Economy: The improved airflow of UniFilters generally give small increases in both power, torque and fuel economy. This relates to lower running costs and longer engine life.

Note: Vehicle manufacturers fit paper elements so they can sell filters, normally at exceptionally good profit margins. Why support them?

4WDs: Many 4wd UniFilters have a two stage filter with a removeable/replaceable stripper that is easily changed when in dusty outback conditions. Spare strippers can be purchased for a small outlay, and are ideal for long trips such as 4WD Tag-Along tours.

Ram PodRam Pods - For Performance/Motorsport Applications: The UniFilter ram pod improves airflow on EFI and Turbo motors. It swirls the air before the airflow meter giving improved performance. Throttle response is also improved due to the large volume of reserve air in the air volume chamber that has already passed through the filter's foam elements. Ram pods are not expensive and are available in models to suit most performance car and motorsport applications.

Special Applications: UniFilter have a huge range of filters for special applications. Visit their website for further information or email or phone them with your enquiry.

Visit the UniFilter Website

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