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Circuit Promoters & Companies 
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Rallying - ARC, State, Clubman, Historic & Club

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Rallying - some Other organisations, e.g.,  AMSAG
Club Motorsport Car Clubs via C.A.M.S.
Off Road Racing Car Clubs via C.A.M.S.
Hillclimbs Car Clubs via C.A.M.S.
Speedway Various Promoters
Super Karts Kart Clubs via C.A.M.S.
Sprint Karting Australian Karting Association
Drag Racing ANDRA
Truck Racing ANTRO
Production Cars (GTP Category) PROCARS (via C.A.M.S)
V8 Supercars AVESCO (via C.A.M.S)
2 litre Touring Cars TOCA (via C.A.M.S)
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